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Steel spreader bench


This is our heavy duty steel spreader bench. This bench is similar to our Deluxe steel bench. It is made of 1 1/2" welded Tubular steel. The steel frame is 39" long by 16" high and 18" wide. You will also have the option of getting the steel frame height made at 20" instead of 16". This bench is fully adjustable. Raise the mid abdomen support to adjust the height of your spankees rear end from 20" to 38" You can adjust the chest rest separately to create even more of an angle. There are eye bolts for attaching wrist and ankle cuffs. The arm rest are 14" long by 4" wide with 2" foam padding covered with a durable black vinyl. The knee rest is 19" long by 6" wide with 2" thick foam padding covered in the same durable black vinyl. The chest rest is 14" long, 17" wide at its widest point, and 8" wide at its most narrow point. It too is covered with 2" thick foam, and black vinyl. When you check out, you will have the option of adding a head rest with a face cradle that is similar to those found on a massage table. The face cradle has a nylon strap to secure the neck in place. The only difference between this bench, and the Deluxe steel bench, is that the frame is built at an angle so that it is wider in the back and more narrow in the front. It forces the spankee to spread his or her legs. This bench is guaranteed to accompany any size. It heavy duty steel construction is guaranteed to last a life time. Other colors available upon request. Can easily be taken apart for storage.

Available Options:

Frame Height:

Head rest/face cradle:

leather ankle cuffs:

leather handcuffs:

Time release handcuffs: