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Regular spanking bench


This is our regular spanking bench. It is made of beautifully sanded and painted 2 x 4 wood. The chest rest is 27" long and 10" wide covered with two inches of foam padding, topped off with a soft, smooth, but durable vinyl. You will have the option to get this bench with the chest rest made 16" wide instead of 10". This will give you 6 more inches of space between the legs also. The two arm rest are 14" long by 3 1/2" wide. The two knee rest are 19" long by 6" wide. They are designed to be mounted parallel to each other, or at an angle to spread the legs apart. It has four eye bolts located in just the right spot to attach handcuffs and ankle cuffs. There Is plenty of space to add additional eye bolts if you like. This bench is made to be both strong and durable. Comes in black, other colors are available upon request.

Available Options:

leather ankle cuffs:

leather handcuffs:

Principle paddle:

Teacher paddle:

Time release handcuffs:

Width of chest rest: