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Stockade spanking bench


Take a look at our stockade spanking bench. Its built with a solid 2 x 4 frame. All the wood is held together with bolts and screws. There are no nails used. The chest rest, and knee rest are topped off with 2" thick foam, than covered with a strong yet durable vinyl. The stockade portion bolts to the front end of the spanking bench with 2 1/4" lag bolts. It is made of 2" by 12" pine board. It is hinged on one end to allow the device to open up. There is a hasp mounted on the other end of the stockade. You simply add your padlock onto the hasp, and the device is locked shut. Its sturdy construction makes it impossible to escape. The hand and neck openings are hand sanded for a comfortable fit. The stockade can be removed for use without the bench, or for storage purpose. The rear knee rest can be removed for storage as well. Once this item is broken down, it can be easily stored away in a closet. If you would like even more features, just send us an email and let us know. We can easily add a vibrator, or sex machine to this bench as well.

Available Options:

leather ankle cuffs:

Principle paddle:

Teacher paddle: