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Work out stockade


Don't you just hate when your locked in a stockade and your back starts getting sore. You wish you could stand up and straighten your back, even if just for a few seconds. Yell I'm sure we all know the feeling. Well here is the solution. With this stockade, you don't get a sore back. In fact you actually get to work out your back, abs, legs buttocks, and arm. That is because when your locked inside this stockade, your able to stand up fully, and even squat down. Here's how it works. The stockade is made of 2 steel poles. The bottom half is 1 1/4" square tubing 35" long. The inner pole is made of 1" perforated square tubing 36" long. The inner portion will slide up and down the bottom tubing when you remove the lock pin which keeps the stockade secured in one position. This allows you to stand, bend, or squat. The holes in the inner pole allows the height to be locked at multiple heights in 1" increments. This way you are bound to find the perfect position for your prisoner. The stockade is made of 2 x 12 x 32" pine wood. All the openings are hand sanded for a smooth finish. The stockade is connected to the pole by a steel hinge. This hinge allows the stockade to pivot so the neck can be more comfortable while standing, bending, or squatting. So once you start getting sore in one position, just change to another position. Soon your find yourself actually getting a workout. So why not tone up the fun way. With the work out stockade. Its the exercise machine that you can't just walk away from. Built solid to last for years. The stockade is bolted to a wooden platform. Makes a perfect gift for that person who wants to loose weight.