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Adjustable angle bench


This is our adjustable angle bench. It is made from 2 x 4 pine wood. The chest rest measures 10” wide, and 27” long. It is covered with 2” thick foam padding, than topped off with a comfortable yet durable black vinyl covering. When the chest rest is in the level position, it stands about 32” from the floor. The chest rest can be adjusted to 5 different angles, going from level to 30 degrees slope. The two arm rest are also made of 2 x 4 pine wood. It too is covered with 2” thick foam padding, than topped off with the black vinyl. The two knee rest are six inches wide, and stands about 15” from the floor. They are covered with 2” thick foam, and topped off with black vinyl. The rear knee supports can be mounted either parallel to each other, or angled out 10 degrees from each other. There are eyebolts mounted on the bench in just the right places for attaching handcuffs, or ankle cuffs. The rear knee support and front brace can be easily removed for storage. You also have the option to add a male sex machine to this bench. Please note that the male sex machine may not align properly with persons having a large belly. See the sex machine spanking bench for more details on the male sex machine.

Available Options:

leather ankle cuffs:

leather handcuffs:

Male sex machine: