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Doggy stockade with female sex machine


This is our adjustable doggy stockade with female sex machine. The stockade is made of 7/8 diameter stainless steel tubing. The body of the stockade can be adjusted out far enough to create a distance of 42" between the wrist, and ankle cuffs. This stockade includes 2 stainless steel adjustable wrist and ankle cuffs, and one stainless steel collar. A powerful sex machine can be mounted in the rear of the stockade. The sex machine is controlled by a wireless remote control. Using the remote control, you can switch from 7 different vibrating speeds, as well as 7 different back and forth stroking speed. You can adjust the height and angle of the sex machine for perfect anal, or vaginal penetration. The dong has a built in heater to give an even more realistic feel. If you like doggy style sex, you will love this machine.