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Self bondage workout stockade


If you like bondage, and exercise, well than this is the item for you. Particularly if you are into self bondage. You may have already seen my workout stockade. I have receive a lot of feedback on how effective the workout stockade is as an actual piece of exercise equipment. Well I took it one step farther. I added time release handcuffs to it. So now you can combine self bondage with exercise. Here is how it works. First fasten the handcuffs to your wrist. Than lock your neck into the stockade. Now dial the time you want for this session. You can dial any time from 5 to 60 minutes. Next insert the metal strap which is connected to the cuffs, into the slots at the ends of the stockade. After a five minutes delay, the cuffs will lock. (You do not need a second person present to get locked into this device.) Now you are locked in place. But don't worry. This is no ordinary stockade. The kind that gives you a sore back. You will be able to stand, bend, and squat, while you are locked into the stockade. So since your all locked up anyways, you may as well make the best of it, and get a nice workout. The stockade will automatically release you when your done with your workout. And trust me, you will want to exercise, because you would get pretty stiff, if you don't. The main support pole is made of 1 1/4' x 35" long square steel tubing. It is bolted to a wooden base that is 17.5" long x 16 3/4" wide. It has a sliding steel pole that is 1" square x 36" long. The telescoping poles allow the stockade to be raise up to 6' high. There are holes spaced in 1" increments through out the length of the pole. A pin can be inserted into the main pole, and into any of the hole in the telescoping pole to lock the stockade at any desired height from 39" high to 72" high. There is a hinge connected to the stockade that allows it to pivot a full 180 degrees for maximum comfort rather you are standing in the stockade, or squatting. Makes an excellent gift for that person on your list who likes to exercise. Are for that sub who you want to whip into shape. Click on the link below to view a video demonstration of this device.