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The love doctor chair


"Relax, The doctor will be with you in a moment." You've always wanted to be able to say those words. Now you will. Right after you secure your patient to the Love doctor chair. Designed like the gynecology chair, with a few kinky twist to it, the love doctor chair features a large comfortable platform. It measures 36" long by 16" wide. It is padded with 2" thick foam, than covered with a soft, yet durable red vinyl covering. The back rest is tilted upward at a 30 degree angle for optimal comfort. It can also be easily removed if desired. It has adjustable leg supports that can be raised, or lowered, or tilted to various angles to get your patient legs spread in just the right position to be cared for. There are stainless steel shackles at the top of each leg supports that allow you to lock the ankles in place. There are also steel shackles on each side of the platform to allow you to lock the wrist in place. The platform has a hydraulic lift that allows you to raise or lower your patient to just the right height for you to attend their every need. Just step on the foot pedal to raise or lower the platform from 14" to 36" high. The electric hydraulic motor does all the work for you. The leg supports can be easily removed for storage, or transport. Get ready to administer some serious sexual healing with the love doctor chair.