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Adjustable angle bench with face cradle


My adjustable angle bench with face cradle is just the ticket for those persons who are not sure if they want to have the bench level, or at an angle. Now you can have it both ways, and some. Use the bench completely level, or simply remove a pin to adjust the bench to five different angles. Adjustments can be easily done without having your sub get off the bench. Now you will find just the right angle for whatever play you had in mind. This bench is made with a solid 2 x 4 frame. The chest rest is 11 1/2" wide, and 28" long. It stands 30" from the floor when completely level. It is padded with 2" thick foam, and covered with a soft, yet durable black vinyl. It has a built in face cradle which is also padded with 2" thick foam. The face cradle allows your sub to be perfectly comfortable for long periods of time without getting a kink in the neck. The arm rest are 3 1/2" wide and 14" long. The knee rest are 6" wide and 19" long. All are padded with 2" thick foam, and covered with black vinyl. The knee rest and cross brace extensions can be easily removed for storage.